First touch IN LATAM


1st Bee Insurance Corp. Convention 

"Goes with you" Convention.
On Monday, March 14, 2.022 at the Olio Restaurant in the Altamira Village Shopping Center in Caracas Venezuela, the 1st Convention of Bee Insurance Corp. was held, being this the official launching of the brand to present its international products and its WebSite. This as the first phase of the expansion to all of Latin America incluyed all caribbean island.

The event started with the words of Humberto Martinez CEO of Bee Insurance Corp:
"The insurance market in Latin America moved forward and we must have a company ready to work and represent Venezuelans in the Latin American market. 
We are working on systems, technology, human resources and the personnel that accompany us. We work on something fundamental for all of you to be here, and that is our products. 
We are looking for innovative products that will change the traditional scheme of how to sell a life product that is in line with the realities of Latin America, that is different from the conventional life insurance policy, in line with the needs that we contemplate today and that at the same time can solve a problem with immediacy".
Three senior executives of the brand: Pedro Villasmil, Rafael Villasmil and Carlos Lorenzo reinforce the three important premises of the product: "easy to understand, easy to buy and easy to pay". They highlight the competitive value of the product in the Latin American market that is marketed via the web, which are: Bee Life, Bee Travel and Bee 4 in 1. 

The event was highlighted with surprises for the guests such as raffles and the Bee Gift as credibility and commitment with the allies present.