Interview with our Chief Operating Officer Pedro Villasmil.

How did the name Bee Insurance Corp come about?

The Bee Insurance Corp, is the result of 3 proposed names; but we really liked Bee. Because phonetically it has to do with being and being, in addition to the work philosophy of the Bees, always in a group, tireless workers, in favor of the same goal, etc.

-Why do you decide to market in Latin America?

Because at Bee Insurance we have understood the needs of this market and we are producing advanced products that cover the insurance needs of the bulk of the population, with products that are easy to understand and buy, at very reasonable prices.

-After the pandemic, what did you learn?

We have no limits to reinvent ourselves. I understood that the world has changed and that we have to be agile to adapt to the new times that the post-pandemic brings us. There is much to do and the sky is the limit.
– Is there an expansion plan in Latin America or are you working on it?

Yes, we have it divided into several phases, the first has already started with our massive sale market, however, we are preparing hard to enter the reinsurance market throughout Latin America.

– Is the product portfolio designed for the region?

Absolutely; We understand the insurance needs of the region and we want to be pioneers in it with easy and practical products that fulfill the most important thing, which is to be there with you when you need it.

– What challenges do you consider taking on running the company? (Inflation, globalization, technology)

The main challenge is to continue promoting the company to have an important name in the entire Latin American market, firstly using the great experience of our work team and secondly using the best technology that we can apply.

– We are experiencing complex times around the world, what advice do you give to your allies and policyholders?

Do not lose focus of what is being done, work as a concentrated team to achieve your goals. In today’s competitive and globalized world, it’s easy to succumb to presentations and lose your way.

Trust in yourself and your team; knowing how to listen and learn.

Pedro Villasmil.

COO – Bee Insurance Corporation

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2.The limitations and exclusions of regular and / or legal use in the country in which the Bee Insurance Product is issued apply.


3.The services and products are governed by General Conditions that are informed with the purchase of each Bee Insurance Product and are available to you by entering the web portal As well as in the commercial and local Bee Insurance offices where they can be requested in person , by phone or by e-mail.


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Los servicios proporcionados por Bee Insurance Corp. tienen limitaciones únicas dependiendo del tipo de producto comprado. Se aplican las limitaciones y exclusiones del uso regular y / o legal en el país en el que se emite el producto de Bee Insurance Corp..

Los servicios y productos se rigen por condiciones generales que se informan con la compra de cada producto de seguro y están disponibles para usted ingresando el portal web, así como en las oficinas comerciales de Bee Insurance Corp. y locales donde se pueden solicitar en persona, por teléfono o por correo electrónico.

Las condiciones preexistentes tienen exclusiones y limitaciones. Bee Insurance Corp. no es una compañía de seguros, pero actúa como un titular de póliza en beneficio de sus clientes.

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