Bee Life is the product with the widest breadth of eligibility; you could purchase the product as long as you are up to 74 years of age


The age limit for renewals is 75 years


You can have one policy per product; but Life coverage only once (no double insurance is allowed in Bee Life).

We trust you, no medical examinations are required.

The coverage of our products is portable, which means that it follows you wherever you go, without territorial limitation.

Our rates are the most competitive in the Latin American market.

The sum insured is contracted in hard currency, which guarantees the real value of the sum insured.

For further details, please refer to the General and Specific Conditions of each product.

It is important that you are in good health. Answer the questions related to each product and we will take care of the rest.

The beneficiary must go to our website, identify the Service section, complete the form and we will make sure that your beneficiaries receive the capital you left for their welfare.