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Bee 4in1


We have combined the best products that will provide you with protection and confidence so that when something happens to you, we will be there to support you and even, when you are no longer with us, we will support the people closest to you.

4in1 It groups together the benefits of Personal Accident, Life, Funeral and Telemedicine Service insurance.

From the Personal Accident Insurance we have selected the following coverages: Accidental Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Partial Disability.

The Life Insurance covers death from any cause.

From Funeral Insurance we cover funeral services through our network of allies or compensation of funeral expenses.

Telemedicine Service* we guarantee all our members 24/7 attention through our contact center and our medical video call platform. This way, you will be able to have immediate medical assistance from the comfort of your home, avoiding high clinical expenses. 

This service includes home medical care (AMD) to increase your peace of mind and that of your family and friends.

You can also access to second medical opinion on treatments or procedures surgical procedures and laboratory test readings.

We have also incorporated the ambulance transfer service, equipped with the best technology and in excellent conditions that guarantee your arrival at the nearest health center.

You can purchase your insurance 4in1 now!, you just have to Click HERE . It's easy and fast.

*Service active only for Venezuela